Staff Directory

Eager to Serve You and Your Family

 To speak to one of our staff members, please call (252) 985-4300.
Henrietta Zalkind, Executive Director, ext. 209
Angie Roberts, Family Resource Center Coordinator, ext. 256
Anne Weeks, Subsidy Coordinator, ext. 219
Carol Crocker, Operations Director, ext. 201
Christina Mitchell, Contracts Specialist, ext. 221
Cornelia Singletary, Family Services Program Manager, ext. 241
Courtney Callinan, Healthy Kids Specialist, ext. 265
Debra Lanham, Research and Development Director, ext. 240
Derek Roberson, Facilities Assistant, ext. 222
Don Williamson, Finance Manager, ext. 211
Gladys Richardson, Scholarship Specialist, ext. 208
Janessa Nieves, Subsidy Program Manager, ext. 212
Jennifer Cobb, Family Services Specialist, ext. 223
Johneshia Hunter, Subsidy Specialist, ext. 245
Joyce West, Healthy Kids Specialist, ext. 214
Kayla Taylor, Community Outreach Specialist, ext. 237
Krista Potter, Quality Improvement Specialist, ext. 204
Marti Brown, Provider Services Program Manager, ext. 244
Melissa Cheston, Budget and Contracts Manager, ext. 203
Michelle Battle, Accounting Specialist, ext. 213
Monica Dood, Communication and Development Coordinator, ext. 239
Pattie Allen, Ready Schools Coordinator, ext. 262
Pattie Davis, Family Services Specialist, ext. 206
Shelby Smith, Program Specialist, ext. 232
Sonja Person, Family Services Specialist, ext. 270
Susan Wallace, Family Services Specialist, ext. 254
Sydney Land, Evaluation Coordinator, ext. 235
Sydney Phillips, Healthy Kids Coordinator, ext. 238
Teresa Boykin, Regional Infant Toddler Specialist, ext. 215
Viola Barnes-Gray, Ready Communities Coordinator, ext. 251
Wendy Price, Program Director, ext. 202